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Technical Designs

Since first starting out in the retail world with Paddle Sport back in 1987 founder, Pete Howard has gradually developed a range of polo products.


Retailing was just never enough and many of the products that Pete sold and used just didn't feel right. A practical automotive engineering background and constant questioning about how things are designed soon led to an interest in kakaking products and their performance. In the 1980s slalom was at the cutting edge of paddle design but suppliers were in a constant state of change with major names like Freeblades, Delapre and Propulsion coming and going within a few years. Unsatisfied with a constantly changing market Pete decided there was only one way to deal with it and so, applying his practical skills to the best features of slalom paddle design, the Streamlyte Paddles brand was launched in 1991. Pete took up playing canoe polo alongside slalom and soon found the supply of decent polo paddles to be woefully inadequate so it was not long before his first polo designs were under production. In 1994 his first polo kayak design was produced and the Combat range has continued to evolve until today.


The technical approach to products continues to everything manufactured in house by the company, all based on years of practical and demanding experience backed up in more recent years with testing by GB team paddlers as well as club novices.