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Triaction Polo

Triaction Polo
Blade Material Carbon
Overall Length 49.75 cms
Effective Length 43 cms
Maximum Width 20 cms
Surface Area 740 sq. cms
Shaft - Straight HDG / CXT
Paddle Weight @ 202cm 1110 / 1050 gms
Std. Lengths Available 198 to 206 cms
Std. Feather Angle 75°


A unique design in which the drive face of the blade has a pronounced hollow towards the tip formed by four opposing triangular surfaces meeting on the centre line of the blade. Pick up of the ball on the water is dramatically improved as is control of the ball on the blade. Although suitable for all round play this blade has a large surface area making it particularly popular with defensive players and for goal keeping.


More technical information about blades and shafts may be found in our technical pages.


Custom lengths and feather angles are normally available to special order.